One4One Personal Accelerator 3.0 is

where you will learn to tap into your inner wisdom & innovate from within...


First of all, I want to invite you to give yourself credit for signing-up and showing-up. Many people talk about changing and being the change they want to see and few actually take action. Why? Because CHANGE can be scary and uncomfortable, and our brains are wired to avoid ‘pain’ and move towards ‘pleasure’. That is why it is easier to turn to Facebook, a Netflix series,  gossiping about someone or something, instead of writing the proposal that has been sitting on our desks, reading about how to pay-off our debts, looking for other jobs, getting exercise done.  


Will these 8 weeks be easy. That will depend on you how much you resist change. If you are like most of us, you will bitch and moan a few times and may even want to quit.




Because you are TURNING PROFESSIONAL ( PRO)* . Letting go from being an AMATEUR- One that practices every now then, uses excuses, honors circumstances  and operates from fixed/victim mindset to one that practices daily, uses adversity to her advantage, honors his word and operates from a growth/responsible mindset.

What does this all mean?


This is what you will learn throughout the course and in fact, this is what you will be rewiring your brain and your whole being to do. To move from victim to empowered, from amateur to professional; from stressed to at-peace. From IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE.


For as many years as you have been alive you have been programmed by people, culture, circumstances to believe and act a certain way. You are your ‘own computer with your own coding’ - You are in this course to identify what that coding is and to decide what to keep and what to reprogram, delete, enhance, disrupt…


This course invites you to take consistent action and go out into the world to practice your new ‘coding’ and notice what happens.


All of this will make more sense once we get started and as you begin to put it in practice and observe yourself taking action you never imagined possible.


How does it work

  •  Starts: NOVEMBER 1ST and ends DECEMBER 20TH, 2017

  •  Sessions: Happen LIVE every WEDNESDAY at 1:00 pm EST on ZOOM and ALL will be RECORDED for you to watch at your own pace if necessary.

  •   Friday morning prior to weeks 1, 3, 5 & 7 you will receive relevant materials related to that week's topic. It will layout and explain the concepts that will be discussed during the live sessions on Monday as well as the homework to be completed for each topic.

  •  New material will be shared on Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 while weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 will be about integrating the tools you will be learning, creating new habits and working on your prototypes with your mastermind groups. During weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on topics and issues as they arise.

  •  You will be placed in mastermind groups with other participants to learn how to run effective mastermind groups, as well as keep each other accountable.

  •  We will use ZOOM( similar to Skype) for the live sessions. Each session will be recorded so that you can have access to it in case you can't make it.

  •  You will also have access to other key platforms and applications to design your business model, track progress, keep accountable and support one-another. For example we will be using Slack and Asana. 

  •  Week 1: Conscious Goal Setting  (90 min)

  •  Week 2:  Coaching & Q & A Session ( 1 hour)

  •  Week 3:Business Model & Rapid Prototype your goals ( 90 min)

  •  Week 4:  Coaching &  Q & A Session ( 1 hour)

  •  Week 5: Deprogramming Limiting Beliefs and Disempowering habits ( 90 min)

  •  Week 6: Coaching &Q & A Session ( 1 hour)

  •  Week 7: Routines/ Rituals & Habits to Continuously Upgrade your Internal OS), Bring Goals to life ( 90 min) and Give back

  •  Week 8: Coaching& Q & A Session ( 1 hour)


Here are a few things that you will need to do before we meet on Wednesday, November 1st at 1 pm EST.


  • Take this Survey- it is important for all of us to know WHO is Who and what you want to get out of this personal accelerator.  Survey will be sent out to you by email. 

  • Download Slack on your computer and on phone.

  • You will receive an invitation to join a Slack Group where you will share ideas/ links/documents and will be able to communicate with me more easily.

  • Sign-up in StickK-

  • Sign-up in  Strategyzer ( You will receive an invitation to join so please accept it)

  • JOIN ZOOM ( it is similar to Skype- much better quality and what we will be using for the sessions.)

* Steven Pressfield wrote a book called Turning PRO- I love it and highly recommend it