The One4One Personal Accelerator 3.0 is an 8 week journey where you open the door to your inner wisdom and innovate your life, using the most cutting edge business, neuroscience, mindfulness and technology based tools available. 

You will Learn & Create: 

  • How To - Consciously discover and set short, medium and long-term goals

  • How To - Deprogram limiting beliefs and disempowering habits,

  • How To- Heal, strengthen and deepen all of your relationships, as well as create new empowering ones,

  • How To- use breathing and mindfulness tools to reduce stress, create vitality and a good sense of humor,

  • How To - Design and implement rapid-prototypes and business models of your goals- you will be creating products,

  • How To- use some of the most cutting edge productivity, marketing, team building apps and technology-based platforms

  • How To - Design Rituals, Routines and Habits to bring your goals to life and allow them to evolve,

  • How To - Design, create and lead powerful Mastermind Groups,

  • How To- Keep yourself and others accountable and in a Growth Mindset,

  • How To- Find ways to give back and pay-it-forward



This 8- week program has been designed to accelerate the design, implementation of your goals/innovations. It will introduce you to amazing resources and other teachers were you will be able to continue to deepen and master what you will learn here. Change, innovation & conscious evolution is a practice- hopefully a daily practice- Think of this Personal Accelerator as  your bootcamp for the mind and soul-....and guess what? many of the people who have gone through it have actually become the fittest and healthiest they have been in a long time! 

Wow it's a lot of great stuff! 


It's an Accelerator not just another training program

Using the latest approaches in Behavioral Science, Personal Accelerator offers a very unique accountability system to significantly increase the odds of following-through, stretching yourself and most importantly motivating you to  act accordingly. You will create new products, habits, initiatives that you can test and evaluate. If you are not ready to  push yourself beyond your fears and excuses, this is not a program for you. This is about doing what you have always wanted to and have never been able to- until now!  This is, in Steven Pressfield's words   is how you "Turn PRO"- 

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¨The world is full of amazing and creative people. Is full of dreamers and bright ideas. However, not everyone has the natural ability to bring those ideas into reality. There is a process to follow, to understand and to be done, and that is why this Personal Accelerator is important and vital! ¨A. C  Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

¨Worth every penny, will do it again in a heart bit. This Personal Accelerator will challenge you in the most unexpected ways, stretch your mind, and make you grow tons! It will change your life… it certainly changed mine! ¨M.T N- Founder of Large NGO

¨The Personal Accelerator will wake up your senses, keep you going and helps you get to your goals with excitement, taking away that feeling of duty.¨ L.C Entrepreneur & Health and Cultural Competency Expert

"Rosario provided 100% of her knowledge 

and skills so that we could use the tools 

needed to succeed in the design and 

planning of  your deepest dreams" N.S Business and Leadership Professor

"Inspiring in so many 

ways. Tools that are easy to use on a daily basis. 

Finally something that is easy to adopt."  C.Y Manager and Knowledge Expert

"Thoughtfully crafted -

keeps participants engaged and taking 

action. A range of useful techniques and 

thought provoking concepts."  P.A VP of Sales at Tech Company

"Rosario has a gift in how she 

presents materials 

and shares stories. 

You are constantly engaged."  A.O Program Manager for multimillion funds

Transforming- I feel more empowered 

than ever before in my life. " R.M Designer/Entrepreneur

"I never thought of myself as a 'victim' 

and this workshop allowed me to see all the excuses and power I had given to 

people and circumstances for staying 

stuck...I got unstuck, gracefully and 

strengthened my relationships at home 

and at work... I also got promoted !" A.L Regional Manager